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Hello, Fall!

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! As the leaves start to change, we can (sadly) expect them to fall soon after. With that being said, let’s chat about raking leaves. What a great way to get outside, soak up the vitamin D, get fresh air and move our bodies. First let’s review some raking ergonomics to protect your spine!Changing leaves; raking ergonomics

  1. Warm up! Go for a walk and do some stretching before you begin.
  2. Use an ergonomic rake with cushioned handles (have a bent handle or side handles for hand placement to ensure good posture)
  3. Hold the rake handle closer to your body vs far away from you
  4. Wear comfortable shoes with good traction to avoid slipping
  5. Stagger your feet into a fencer type of stance to avoid frequently bending over. Alternate which is the front foot to keep things equal.
  6. Keep your head up and avoid bending your neck down the whole time
  7. Bend at the knees and hips not in the spine when you pick up the leaves.
  8. Make small piles that are more manageable vs less, large piles.
  9. Take a break if your body feels very sore or fatigued.
  10. Cool down! Go for another short walk and finish with some stretching.
  11. See your WVCWG chiropractor to help get you feeling great after lots of raking


We hope you are able to enjoy the fall season and raking with the above raking ergonomics tips. And as always, WVCWG Chiropractors would love to help you keep your spine in good order!


By: Dr. Jess Tamminga (Kempton)