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Naturopathic Doctors are primary care doctors licensed to assess and diagnose chronic health conditions and acute illnesses and infections. Although our lens in assessment and angle to treatment are different than in the Western approach, the ultimate goal is the same- make people feel better.naturopathic doctor

With a shortage of Western trained Medical Doctors to match need, many individuals and families find themselves without a family doctor or have difficulty accessing medical care. Insert a family focused Naturopathic Doctor into your familys health and wellness team, and we can fill gaps in the health are system to alleviate the burden that non-urgent care is placing on a strained system, while getting to the underlying factors contributing to poor health and health outcomes.


As a new naturopathic patient you can expect a thorough assessment through a health history collection and diagnostic labs, when appropriate, to help direct a personalized treatment plan tailored to YOU and your unique physiology and biochemistry. No guessing.


Existing Naturopathic patients have the benefit of same day appointments for a diagnosis and acute care plan for colds, flus, ear infections, sinus infections etc. making long wait times in emergency care settings, for non-emergency situations, less frequent.


Naturopathic Medicine has lots of options to treat viral illnesses rather than be turned away because a prescription antibiotic won’t be effective.

Perinatal NDs like myself are also well placed to offer womens health screening exams including PAP and breast exams to again fill in the gaps of our health care system when these exams fail to be timely, or you are without a care provider you feel comfortable discussing your female concerns with.

Do you want to be part of a patient centred, nurture-focused health care approach that is about more than your symptom(s) or diagnosis?Then Naturopathic Medicine and its philosophy is for you!

By: Dr. Carly Wendler, N.D. 

Dr. Carly is accepting patients in her woman and child focused practice. Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth/Birth Preparation, Postpartum, Pediatrics and Womens Health are her areas of clinical focus. In addition to Dr. Carly’s primary care naturopathic practice, she is a Lactation Educator and Level 1 Certified Pelvic Floor Therapist. Visit her online booking site for information regarding availability and appointment types!