Counselling – Jason Townsley MSW

We understand that this journey of life we are on can be difficult.


We are here to help guide you through life’s challenges.

We offer customizable support based on the needs of yourself and your family.

We understand that sometimes life is difficult. No matter your situation, we provide a safe and supportive atmosphere to address life challenges or mental health struggles. You don’t have to take the next step alone. 

Jason Townsley MSW is our registered social worker and offers the following services.
To learn more about Jason visit his website at

Complimentary Introductory Consultation

Free 15 minute consultation and meet and greet – via phone or video conferencing.


For adolescents, young adults, and adults, for individuals who identify across genders and sexualities,
for folks from varying backgrounds and ethnicities, and for those who are differently abled,
if you’re wanting a safe and supportive atmosphere to address life challenges or mental health struggles,
select this option.
25 or 50min



Welcoming couples in all shapes, forms, and colours, and who want to improve closeness,
communication, and connection in their romantic relationship, select this option.

25 or 50min



For families wanting to create better relationships within the home, learn new communication patterns, and
enhance capacity for parenting teenagers and young adults, click here.
This involves multiple parents/guardians, and/or multiple kids.
25 or 50min

DBT Skills Coaching


Specific and defined within each session, you’ll learn, practice, and enhance your knowledge and application of
DBT Skills to improve coping and managing of difficult emotions.
25 min