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Postnatal pelvic floor & core rehabilitation

Mama, you just underwent the most athletic event of your life – childbirth. Now, as you heal, what you do will affect the rest of your life. Your healing cannot wait. 

Prioritizing your postpartum recovery sets you up to step into a strong, empowered, and confident body. One that has better health for the long term – and your family needs a strong and healthy mama!  

Dr. Taylor Thompson, B.Sc., D.C.


Dr. Taylor Thompson

When to sign up: 

In order to benefit the most from this program and participate fully, it is recommended to sign up when you are at least 6 weeks postpartum if you had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery (this can vary with degrees of tearing, etc.) and to register once you are 3 months postpartum after a C-Section.

These time frames are the earliest we would recommend that you sign up, but it’s never too late! 

Registration Cost:


(payment made upon booking)

this includes:

  • One-on-one assessment 
  • 8 group classes
  • Final Reassessment


Once completing the program, you will have the option to extend 4 more weeks of classes for an additional $285

One-on-One Assessment:

This assessment will happen prior to the group classes. You will be asked to complete a comprehensive intake form and Dr. Taylor Thompson will do a physical examination

Group Classes:

Following your assessment, you will attend 8 group classes over 4 weeks that happen on Mondays and Wednesdays, 9am – 10am.


Dr. Taylor will meet with you one-on-one again to assess your progress and help you create a plan going forward/decide if you should continue with additional classes.

Upcoming Session Dates:

Assessments: March 25th-March 28th 2024

Classes (9:00-10:00 am):

  • Monday, April 1st
  • Wednesday, April 3rd
  • Monday, April 8th
  • Wednesday, April 10th
  • Monday, April 15th
  • Wednesday, April 17th
  • Monday, April 22nd
  • Wednesday, April 24th

Reassessments: April 30th – May 4