Counselling – Laura Archer MSW

We understand that this journey of life we are on can be difficult.


We are here to help guide you through life’s challenges.

We offer customizable support based on the needs of yourself and your family.

With a specialized focus on perinatal care, we understand some situations and conversations that arise during pregnancy and parenthood can be new and perhaps challenging to navigate. Our mission is to give you and your family the knowledge and support you need to make informed decisions about your perinatal, postpartum, parenting journey and beyond.

Laura Archer MSW is our registered social worker and offers the following services.
To learn more about Laura visit her website at

Complimentary Introductory Consultation

Free 15 minute consultation and meet and greet – via phone or video conferencing.

Perinatal Mental Wellness Screening


Have you (or a loved one) wondered about if your feelings and experiences are common during the pregnancy and postpartum period? Please get in touch and we can discuss normative hormonal experiences and the continuum of wellness.

Individual Counselling


One-on-one support in person or virtually via video conferencing with both adults and children (up to 12yrs old).

Adult Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Birth Trauma, Maternal Gatekeeping, Mothering, Infant Attachment, Infant Loss, Self-Love, Confidence, Finding Your “Parenting Style”, Breaking Generational Cycles, Setting Boundaries

Child Specialties: Worry, Self-Esteem, Emotional Development & Expression

Couples Support Session


Support for the couple navigating through transitional times (i.e. welcoming a new baby/child) or difficult situations.

Focus is on Communication, Navigating Change, Understanding New Roles

Coordinated Care


Are you or a loved one (often a senior or young child) involved with multiple care providers (in healthcare or social services) and you would benefit from having one contact person who can advocate on your behalf and facilitate discussions about your experience.

This would generally be covered under Individual or Couples session pricing.

Group Services


Tailored group offerings
A 2hr session for up to 8 people which includes an educational component and a guided discussion on a topic of your choice (within our scope of practice).

Potential Topics

– What is Perinatal Mental Health?
– Infant Attachment
– Birth Trauma
– Change in Relationships as newborn/new child arrives
– Maternal Gatekeeping
– Setting Boundaries with family and friends
– Physical & Hormonal Changes in pregnancy/postpartum
– Rights in the Workplace (Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Parental Leave rights)


Price is for the group session so it can be split amongst participants.
Often people prefer to create their own group under this service listing.
During this time, virtual offerings only of this service.