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Counselling – Laura Archer MSW

We understand that this journey of life we are on can be difficult.


Infant, Child, and Parent Mental Health Services

We understand some situations and conversations that arise during pregnancy and parenthood can be new and perhaps challenging to navigate. 

Our mission is to give you and your family the knowledge and support you need to make informed decisions about your perinatal, postpartum, parenting journey and beyond. 

Laura Archer MSW is our registered social worker and offers the following services.
To learn more about Laura visit her website at

Individual Counselling Session

Sessions are typically 50 mins and you have the option of choosing virtual sessions where we meet online through a secure video platform or we can meet outside and go for a walk while we talk. Incorporating the outdoors gives you, or your child, the benefit of fresh air and movement that is naturally therapeutic and beautifully complements your counselling session.

Half sessions follow the same basic structure but are shorter in length to support children or adults who are working on their comfort to get to longer sessions, children who are meeting with me without a Theraplay component, or for individuals where cost is a factor. 

If you’re a parent engaging in Theraplay with your children in session, 50 min sessions are needed to accommodate both the individual time your child has with me as well as your parent-child time during Theraplay. 

Navigating Transitions

This appointment should be selected only by parents seeking support in navigating family transitions (i.e. separation, divorce, new baby, moving). Appointment needs to be attended by both adults. This is not couples counselling. This is short-term support, likely 1-3 sessions. Both parties are encouraged to choose the same platform – either both telehealth or both in-person. 

Parents know that big life decisions take a lot of emotional energy. I have worked with Parents in these sessions to approach these big life conversations with their children from a developmental lens based on the age of your children and the life transition that will happen. You can use this opportunity to process your thoughts and come together in determining the approach and how to manage the discussion with your children.

This process will not look exactly the same for all families as I will always consider children’s ages and individual needs. What parents can expect: aligning goals and the direction of the conversation with consideration to the emotional and developmental needs of the children. 

Children’s Groups

Children’s Social Group runs once a year for six months duration. It is one Saturday per month from January to June. This is currently by invite to current patients only however please contact Laura directly to find out more information. It is $50/per child per session ($300 for the series). This group is co-facilitated by Laura Archer (RSW) and Nicole Meades (RMT).

Mindfulness Walks run once a month in the warmer months. Stay tuned for 2023 dates to be announced in March. Cost is $35/per child per walk.

You can expect small group sizes (4-6 children maximum) to ensure your child is getting the attention they deserve and the safety and experience of the group can be preserved.

Parent Baby Groups

Are you looking for a unique bonding experience for you and your baby? Join us as we host a Parent-Baby group focused on attachment, bonding, and gentle healing touch. There will be playful bonding activities guided by Laura Archer (RSW) and an Infant Massage component guided by Nicole Meades (RMT). Sessions will be held for 4 consecutive weeks.

Contact the clinic directly for more information or head over to my social media pages to find information there.