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Chiropractic MEntoring & Coaching

Need some guidance in your career to get to the next level? Maybe you want to increase patient compliance, grow your practice, add an associate. Perhaps you need to work on patient communication, navigate being a mom and a chiropractor. Let’s have a conversation. 


Dr. Cheryl van der Mark, B.Sc., DC


Dr. Cheryl van der Mark demonstrating with model spine

What do i do next?

Congratulations! You have launched your Chiropractic career! 

Maybe you have set up practice or joined a practice and have been getting in the groove BUT now you are unsure how to grow your practice. What do you do next? Do you struggle with any of these questions? 

How do I grow my practice?

How do i reach my goals?

How do i manage my patient schedule?

How do I build effective treatment plans?

How do I ensure patient compliance?

How do I increase my income?

How do I add an associate?

How do I find my dream practice?

Mentoring for your growing career

Dr. van der Mark has 21 years of experience as a chiropractor. She has started and grown two successful clinics, completed expansions and acquisitions, and employs multiple associates in the GTA. Dr. van der Mark has perfected associate contracts, is a leader in patient communication, effective care plans, and practice growth. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge with young chiropractors to be the caring big sister in chiropractic practice that you need! 

One-on-one mentoring