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Holistic Nutrition

We believe in supporting the body from the inside out

Holistic nutrition looks at you as a whole. We acknowledge physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We look to create a wellness plan based on key nutritional principles to support all the areas of the body lacking nourishment. A holistic nutritionist helps to support you through previously diagnosed illnesses and identify biochemical imbalances and toxicities that contribute to poor health. The advice and support provided are founded on evidence-based and holistic principles.

The holistic nutrition philosophy is to support the body from the inside out, by identifying the root of the issue. The root of many imbalances often lies within the gateway to the body: the digestive system. What we put into our bodies is meant to build, repair, support, and protect all areas of our bodies. Sometimes what we put into our bodies can do harm instead of providing us with nourishment we need for optimal health so the goal of a holistic nutritionist is to help you identify what foods/substances are possibly harming you and to provide alternatives. We can create a nutritional plan that is best for you and your nutritional challenges, support your optimal health journey, or help you get on track with better nutritional habits.

Nutritional services involve things like nutritional counselling, nutritional education, meal planning, meal preparation, recipes, and grocery lists!