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Step One: Creating your personal foundation

If it seems that both January and February flew by in a minute, you are not alone. Here we are now into March and looking back at the first few months of 2019. Did you create a promise to yourself in the form of a resolution at the start of the year? Have you kept that promise?

It can be really challenging to set a resolution and not have a foundation in place to help keep it firmly grounded and secure.

What is a personal foundation you ask? Great question. It is the solid base on which to develop a most wonderful, satisfying, joy-filled and robust life. It is a series of deliberate, interrelated steps that can change how you live life. When a person commits to the creation of a strong personal foundation, they become free from unresolved matters, they restore integrity, get their needs meet, eliminate tolerations and their life is oriented around their core values.

How do you know if you have a solid personal foundation? Ask yourself the following questions and answer truthfully:

  • Do I have energy and passion for doing what I love?
  • Do I have a self-care plan in place and work it every day?
  • Do I know what I need, and distinguish it from what I want? Do I get these needs met on a continual basis?
  • Am I free from tolerating things that irritate me?
  • Do I find joy on most days?
  • Do I find myself just going through the motions of life hoping one day things will settle down?

Now look at your answers. Do any of your answers call for you to make a change?

If you want help building your personal foundation, I invite you to connect with me. As an accredited Life Coach, I believe the world needs more people living fully alive. Let’s work together to re-fuel your passion and navigate the chaos of life to find JOY!

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Written By: Juli Fyfe