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Paediatric Naturopathic Medicine

We believe every child deserves a life of abundant health

Our paediatric Naturopathic Doctors embrace & practice a holistic approach to your child’s health taking into account the physical, mental and emotional factors that influence their growth and development. Our nurture & child centred focus in paediatric naturopathic medicine honours the biological, physiological, environmental, physical, mental and emotional needs of each child as they grow, play, learn and love in the world. In our practice, we advocates for attachment based parenting principles and considers these in our approach to normal infant sleep patterns, the introduction of complimentary foods, toilet learning, play and nature based learning, and gentle parenting strategies.Paediatric Naturopathic

This team of paediatric Naturopathic Doctors have many years of experience with: infant reflux, tummy troubles, diarrhea, constipation, ear infections, poor immune function, recurrent infections, eczema, asthma, food sensitivities and more.

The naturopathic approach blends the innate healing power of the body with naturally based medicines including nutritional medicine, lifestyle medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine and clinical supplementation to maintain or restore your child’s health.

Well Child appointments & check ups are uniquely designed to support your child’s health through all stages of growth & development based on their individually changing needs.

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