Paediatric Chiropractic

We believe that babies deserve a strong start.

Paediatric chiropractic care is a growing field and one that many parents are realizing is an important part of their child(ren)’s overall health care. As adults, we understand the effect that stress can have on our bodies, but we also need to appreciate that children also endure life stressors (they just may be a little different than our own). We should be giving our children the same spinal care attention as we do for ourselves.

Spinal stress in children can manifest itself as irritability, excessive crying, a depressed immune system, headache, local discomfort and chronic infections to name a few. Right from birth our joints can become out of alignment and less mobile when put under stress, however, generally it goes unnoticed until the child reaches adolescence or even an adult when the pain starts to manifest. You most likely do not even know if your child has spinal stress.

Chiropractic care of the paediatric patient is unlike that of the adult. Because the delicate spinal structure in a child differs from that of the adult, “adjustments” to the spine are more gentle and non-forceful. Our Chiropractors are extensively trained to treat your child’s spine.

Please feel free to ask us for more information to see if chiropractic care is right for your child. Join the many other parents at Waterdown Village Chiropractic & Wellness Group that have discovered the benefits of chiropractic care for their children.


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