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New Year New… Routine? New Desk Setup?

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I recently came across a study that was reviewing the impacts the pandemic had on the body in terms of musculoskeletal conditions (meaning, conditions of the nerves, joints, discs, muscles and other soft tissues). With most of us being switched to remote working at home, a change in lifestyle, limited access to exercise facilities etc., our bodies felt the change and the research is seeing that now a few years later!

Low back pain was the item looked at in this study by Papalia et al 1. Working remote, physical activity changes and weight gain exacerbated low back pain significantly. Pain intensity of other musculoskeletal conditions was also impacted by the pandemic. All these environmental factors of how our lives changed, had a plethora of effects on us. So, let’s check in and think about some of the healthy habits you had prior to – that maybe you’ve dropped since! Are they attainable goals we can work on this year?

Some takeaways now being in 2024:

  1. Are we still living like its 2020 regarding our desk setup? Are we still working from the kitchen table that we thought would be temporary?
  2. What about our physical activity patterns? Did we drop a lot of our healthy habits we had prior to – and never got back into them?
  3. Do you have some residual aches and pains from this huge transition a few years ago? Let’s figure out how we can make you feel your best.

New year, new changes! Let’s get you feeling better again and help you attain your 2024 goals or maintain the goals you’ve already been achieving. Pain is a sign your body is asking for help, and we’d love to help you. Feeling pretty good overall? That’s great, let’s keep you feeling that way! 

We look forward to seeing you!

By: Dr. Jess Tamminga (Kempton)