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Have you noticed your child/ren expressing more worries or seeming to have more worries than usual? This may be noticed by parents through the child’s spoken words, lack of spoken words (keeping to themselves), their actions (or inactions), or simply your parent gut-instinct that something is different.

These three books are all great resources to add to your collection or borrow from your local library.

Ruby Finds A Worry by Tom Percival

Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright

Belly Breathe by Leslie Kimmelman

Our children look to us as their parents to help them organize their thoughts and begin to understand the world around them.

Including an emotion-focused book into the bedtime routine or at any other point in your day gives your child the opportunity to learn through the story as well as it provides some normalization that these are topics they can talk about with you.

Don’t Fret: Parents do not need to have all the answers. Both Ruby Finds a Worry and Worrysaurus provide visuals and child-friendly ways of understanding how feelings can begin and grow. Belly Breathe, along with the other two books mentioned, all provide some simple things that can begin to help the worries shrink. Bonus: the tools work for people aged 1yr+.

If you are looking for more specific information or discuss any of the emotionally-focused questions you have regarding your children or yourself, contact the clinic to book a meet and greet call with one of our Registered Social Workers.


By: Laura Archer, MSW