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How many of us are “stressed” in regard to the Christmas season? All the hustle and bustle, shopping, dinners and get-togethers… Did you know “stress” is a very natural bodily process against dangers? We interpret all the busyness as danger… and the body IS affected by stress!

Holiday Stress

If you have been treated by one of the excellent chiropractors here at WVCWG, you may have heard the body’s response to stress discussed. Let’s go over it:

Simply put, emotional, physical, environmental, and other stressors (like holiday craziness!!) are placed upon our nervous system (which remember, is our brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves within our body). We have a threshold that can withstand all of these stressors, but we may overdo ourselves with the busyness and our nervous system is impacted, stress hormones are released, and other important body functions are suppressed – this is the time where spinal subluxations come into play. A subluxation is the presence of a joint within the spine that is unable to move and glide nicely, is stuck, and not in its ideal biomechanical position. With this, the nerves that lay so closely to the joint are not able to have ample space to do their job; potentially impacting the muscles, organs, and other tissues supplied by that nerve. Our body can interpret these subluxations into pain or simply feeling more stressed and exhausted. Soo what can we do about this?

Chiropractic care! One of the best things you can do for yourself this Christmas season is take care of your body and remove some of the stressors of the holidays that lay on your spine so heavily. Doing so reduces tension on the nervous system most importantly and allows it to work optimally.

WVCWG chiropractors would LOVE to help reduce the stress you are carrying on your nervous system and give your body the extra boost it needs to get through this busy season and thrive. We can’t wait to take great care of you!

**Chiropractic care works great in tandem with our other services to increase your mental wellness. Explore everything we have to offer including massage, psychotherapy, and naturopathic medicine!


By: Dr. Jess Tamminga, D.C.