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Do you find that you struggle with planning your fitness and exercise effectively in order to achieve your desired results? Our Physiotherapist, Mike, came up with a helpful acronym to go through and help you get exercising!

Adding exercise to your lifestyle is no easy task, but don’t fall into the T.R.A.P. of thinking that it is too hard to start!

Time: First, you need to plan when you are going to exercise – Before work? After work? After the kids go to bed? At the beginning of your lunch break? At the end of your lunch break? It’s important to be consistent because you will get into a pattern/habit of having time dedicated to exercise.

RealisticYou want to have achievable goals! Start small and build up the intensity and/or duration of your exercise.

Activity: What kind of activity will you choose? It can be fun to try different things, but ultimately you want to find activities that you truly enjoy so that you will continue the exercise rather than dread it! Lifting weights? Cycling? Walking? Jogging? Taking a group class? There are so many options!

Place: Part of planning your workout is knowing where you are going to exercise – At the gym? In your basement? On your deck? Start your workout with any equipment you use nearby so you can go to this place in the right headspace.

Being really specific and realistic will help you start and stick to your new exercising lifestyle.

It’s important to have goals too; but if you really want to get more fit, lose more weight, or  whatever you may be aiming for; have a good process in place and the results will take care of themselves.

Are you looking for someone to guide you in your new fitness lifestyle, or is any pain/dysfunction getting in the way? Get in touch with our clinic to book in with one of our physiotherapists for an assessment!


By: Mike Wadie, Registered Physiotherapist