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Have you been curious to see what our wellness services are all about? Maybe you’ve felt like chiropractic, physiotherapy, and counselling etc. are reserved for those in the worst of situations. Maybe you’ve felt like your dysfunction is normal and therefore you should just suck it up. Our bodies all function differently, and therefore present dysfunction differently. It is never too early or too late to book that appointment!

More often than not, people find their way to our clinic to book in for one of our services after a big event – you injured your neck, you experienced an allergic reaction, you sprained an ankle, you’re pregnant, or encountered a life stressor. We absolutely have the best team in Flamborough who are equipped to help in all these situations, but I’m here to tell you that wellness care is so much more than just waiting for something to be happen and get it “fixed”! It’s about maintenance, prevention, rehabilitation, and optimizing your health so that you can participate in all the activities of your life that you enjoy!

Someone once told me that waiting for something to trigger pain before seeking help is like not drinking water until you’re already dehydrated. We should habitually drink water so that we DON’T get dehydrated! Similarly, we should pursue wellness care so that we STAY healthy! This has stuck with me for a long time, because I think we often feel selfish seeking help when “things could be worse” or “it’s not that bad”. Wellness care is absolutely not selfish, and making this part of your family’s routine sets a wonderful example where children learn to listen to their bodies and emotions. They also learn from a young age that their health and wellbeing is a priority, and it plays a major role in each aspect of their day-to-day.

Sara VanDyk and Dr. Cheryl van der Mark skating at a staff wellness socialThis is the biggest lesson I have learned in my time working on the administration team at WVCWG, and how I quickly became passionate about holistic approaches to healthcare. Our bodies are capable of doing amazing things, and how the body systems communicate with each other became so clear from chiropractic and naturopathic perspectives. Before I started in the role, I was injuring myself frequently – the list includes two broken ankles, a broken wrist, sprained elbow, broken finger, and four knee dislocations. I was worried to try anything that I could possibly injure myself doing so I stopped a lot of activities that I enjoyed. Since starting regular care with chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and naturopathic medicine two and a half years ago, I have not had any more injuries and got back to my favourite activities (like skating!)!

If you have considered seeking treatment but have been putting it off because you think you can just “deal” with your issue, I hope this blog changed your mind! Our team at WVCWG will help put your health back into your own hands and walk alongside you on your wellness journey. Feeling thirsty? – Don’t wait too long! Call our office to schedule a visit!


By: Sara VanDyk B.A. (Communications Coordinator)